A³ by Airbus Flight Controls and Dynamics Engineer

A³ by Airbus Flight Controls and Dynamics Engineer

As our Flight Controls and Dynamics Engineer, you will report directly to the Lead Flight Controls and Dynamics Engineer and be responsible for designing and implementing the flight controls system, vehicle flight dynamics simulation, and analyzing flight test data to ensure excellent flight performance.

To get specific, your responsibilities will be to:

Design and implement flight control, navigation, guidance, estimation, and simulation software for unconventional aircraft

Contribute to the development of nonlinear vehicle dynamics simulations (aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, etc.).

Analyze sub-scale and full-scale flight test data to assess vehicle performance, and propose and implement improvements to the flight control system and vehicle flight simulation

Effectively communicate your designs, analysis, and engineering intent with the rest of the engineering team and partners

Assist the engineering and flight testing team as required

Make a lasting contribution to the social environment at A³ by participating in social events and proposing new ones, sharing your passions and hobbies, and spreading joy wherever you go

We expect you to have:

A Master’s or Doctorate degree in Control Systems, Aeronautical, Mechanical, Electrical, or Software Engineering

At least five years of progressively ambitious experience in the area of vehicle dynamics, controls, and simulation

A background in fixed-wing, rotorcraft, multi-rotor flight dynamics, aerodynamics and rigid body dynamics

Expert-level knowledge of MATLAB, Simulink, and associated workflows

Experience designing and testing state estimators

Experience with typical airborne sensors: IMUs, GPS, Air Data, Lidar, etc

A strong mathematical background

Excellent communication skills

An aptitude for working in small teams, with the ability to take a leading role in your area(s) of specialty and readiness to work across disciplines where appropriate

Having one or more of the following is a plus:

Familiarity with aircraft, helicopter, or multi-rotor handling quality requirements

Familiarity with flight code certification requirements

Experience with time domain and frequency domain system identification techniques

Hands-on experience with numerical optimization

Experience with C, C++, or another compiled/systems language and Python or another interpreted language

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