Silent Falcon EE – Extended Endurance

Silent Falcon EE – Extended Endurance

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies, a leading UAS service provider and manufacturer of the Silent Falcon™, a solar electric, fixed wing, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), is pleased to announce the introduction of the Silent Falcon™ EE or Extended Endurance model. The Silent Falcon™ EE incorporates the newest technological innovations in solar panels, battery and solar power conversion. Silent Falcon™ EE can stay aloft for up to 8 hours in day time, and 4 hours at night.

The communications capabilities of the Silent Falcon™ EE have also been upgraded by including three MIMO MANET radios at the Ground Control Station with the SF TriAntenna configuration. This configuration significantly increases connectivity, bandwidth and reliability. It also allows one of the radios to be used to be used to connect a remote site, such as a command center to the radio network.

This is an exceptional technological achievement for Silent Falcon™ as it continues to extend its mission set, expand its capabilities and perform more challenging assignments. The Silent Falcon™ platform has been successfully used in various Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance; Search and Rescue and long-range border patrol missions across the globe; and in extreme environmental conditions while assisting the US Department of Interior in wildfire fighting operations. Its long-range, long-endurance attributes, as well as its portability and very small operational footprint proved to be key factors contributing to the success of these missions.

“We continually push the envelope bringing new and proven technologies to the Silent Falcon™ Unmanned Aircraft System, increasing its capabilities, reliability and applicability to diverse missions. The Silent Falcon™ is an open interface, open architecture modular system that was designed to easily integrate new technologies and capabilities once they have been proven in the field. The Silent Falcon™ EE is a great example of this —“ extended endurance with more robust solar power, and rock-solid communications for more reliable longer-range missions” said John W. Brown Silent Falcon’s™ Chairman and CEO.” We are flying the Silent Falcon™ EE now for our own UAS services customers and look forward to making it the new standard for long endurance, long range electric UAS”.


Silent Falcon UAS Technologies manufactures patent pending, state-of-the-art small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and components and sensors for the security, military and commercial markets including oil and gas and pipeline inspections, power utility inspections, large scale agriculture, natural resource management, security/ISR, public safety, and mapping/surveying. Silent Falcon is the only solar electric UAS to provide long endurance and range, silent operations, and an open interface payload bay accommodating a wide- variety of payloads that are also quick and easy to change. The company is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information, please visit: