Empirical Systems Aerospace Inc. Receives NASA task order for X-57 “Maxwell” wing and system integration

Empirical Systems Aerospace Inc. Receives NASA task order for X-57 “Maxwell” wing and system integration

Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc. (ESAero), a leading Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) System design, development and manufacturing services provider announced today receipt of a follow-on purchase order from NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center for the X-57 “Maxwell”, the first all-electric X-plane, for Wing and Distributed Electric
Propulsion System Integration. ESAero has previously completed multiple contracts for system analysis and design phases, while wing fabrication, load testing, and integration is currently underway.

This new Task Order calls for the integration of an experimental, high-aspect ratio wing to the aircraft including all flight structure, flight propulsion systems and sensors. The contract will also address recently realized requirements for traction system modifications, followed by environmental testing of key subsystems and instrumentation. In addition, ESAero will support NASA aircraft and system verification and validation efforts. This next step will support NASA and the UAM Industry better
understand the challenges with and bring the robustness required for distributed electric air vehicle propulsion operation. Additionally, the high-lift features of the distributed propulsion will help the team to better understand the unique flight control attributes of distributed propulsion systems, both Fixed Wing and VTOL. Like previous work on the X-57 “Maxwell”, many of the critical lessons learned will be released and provided to Industry to enable safe and efficient UAM, eVTOL and electric Fixed Wing operations.

“Conducting these important integration and test efforts will enable us to lead these new electric air vehicle propulsion components and technologies into the qualification and certification process, keys to expanding the UAS and UAM markets. Lessons learned from this effort will benefit our existing DoD and Commercial UAS manufacturing lines, but also our subsystem, qualification, standards development and certification work for air-vehicle electric and hybrid-electric propulsion customers in the eVTOL and UAM
space. Specific thanks to NASA for their confidence in a small business to continue to conduct this important work on X-57,” – Andrew R. Gibson, President & CEO, Co-Founder.

ESAero is certificated to the international aerospace quality standards of AS9100:D and ISO 9001:2015, reflecting ESAero’s ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding increasingly stringent industry requirements for aerospace-related products for both the defense and commercial markets, including bringing them to the eVTOL and UAM space.

About Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc. (ESAero)

Since 2003, Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc. (ESAero), an aerospace engineering design and manufacturing small business, has served the needs of the aerospace industry through its work on military and commercial conceptual air vehicle designs, electric and hybrid propulsion system
development and qualification, aircraft modifications, sub-scale technology demonstrators, rapid system prototyping, design for manufacturing, lo rate initial production, manufacturing, and engineering support. ESAero is the Prime Contractor and Integrator of the NASA X-57 “Maxwell” all-electric airplane.

ESAero customers include multiple NASA Centers, AFRL, AMRDEC, and multiple Tier I and Tier II Aerospace Industry Primes in both manned and unmanned aviation. With a 32,200-square foot design & manufacturing facility located in San Luis Obispo, California and an 8,000-square foot integration and test location at the Oceano County Airport (L52), ESAero has
expanded manufacturing and quality operations and takes full advantage of available airport space for system testing and product development. ESAero will continue to provide the UAS, UAM, and broader aviation and aerospace industries with cutting-edge systems, capabilities, and optimized manufacturing solutions. ESAero is AS9100:D and ISO:9001:2015 Certified, NIST 800-171 Compliant, and has a DCAA Approved Accounting System. For more information, please visit www.esaero.com.