skyEcho 2 and EasyVFR 4 Introduce FLARM and Transponder Proximity Alerts

This week at Aero Friedrichshafen , uAvionix and PocketFMS are excited to announce collaboration on inter-operable Electronic Conspicuity with skyEcho 2 and EasyVFR 4.
EasyVFR 4 , currently in beta and planned for commercial release Q2 2019, will integrate with skyEcho 2’s native capabilities to receive ADS-B, FLARM, and, for the first time, alert pilots if an aircraft is nearby with only a Mode C or S transponder. The Basic, Standard and Frequent Flyer licenses all will allow users to purchase a FLARM subscription for FLARM target depiction on the EasyVFR SmartMap. Three new areas of EC functionality are being introduced:

  • FLARM Proximity Alerts require no FLARM license or extra cost to the user. These notifications alert the pilot of a nearby FLARM aircraft, but provide no bearing, altitude, or distance. FLARM proximity alerts are available in all levels of EasyVFR 4.
  • Full FLARM Reception will depict the FLARM on the EasyVFR 4 SmartMap traffic display. FLARM reception is available in the Basic, Standard and Frequent Flyer subscription levels at an additional yearly subscription.
  • Transponder Proximity Alerts provide a bearingless alert for multiple nearby aircraft equipped with a Mode C or S transponder. The intruding aircraft relative altitudes are displayed. Transponder proximity alerts are available at no additional cost in EasyVFR 4.

Visit uAvionix at Aero Friedrichshafen in Hall A7 to learn more. You can find Pocket FMS also at Aero Friedrichshafen in Hall A6. More on the uAvionix News Page .