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Terra Drone Invests in Indonesia’s Drone Service Company AeroGeosurvey

In January 2019, there has been a collaboration between Terra Drone Corporation and AeroGeosurvey Indonesia through investment in form of capital and technology. The result of this collaboration made AeroGeosurvey as part of Terra Drone global group with a new identity: Terra Drone Indonesia. By having technology provided by Terra Drone Corporation, Terra Drone Indonesia will be able to offer more drone applications and solutions for industries in Indonesia.

“We have discussed with many drone operators and were very impressed with AeroGeosurvey’s good track record and professional experience,” said Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Drone.

This decision was based on the good track record, high quality, and professionalism of AeroGeosurvey that has been carried out for the past three years. This made Terra Drone choose AeroGeosurvey to be the right part to achieve Terra Drone’s vision which is to be the largest drone service provider in the world.

Director of AeroGeosurvey, Michael Wishnu Wardana, added, “With this investment, we are capable of providing higher lever service by utilizing Terra Drone’s 3D surveying know-how and latest technology such as own LiDAR system Terra LiDAR which is twice or three times cheaper than conventional UAV laser.”

This also became an opportunity for Terra Drone Indonesia to explore various technologies and methodologies available in the world including Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology to customers in various sectors, not only in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia, based on Terra Drone’s global network. Terra Drone will continue to generate innovations in drone applications that have great impact on society.

AeroGeosurvey will formally change its identity to Terra Drone Indonesia gradually in Q1 2019.

AeroGeosurvey Indonesia

AeroGeosurvey Indonesia is a drone service provider established in 2016 that provide solutions for industrial application which include aerial mapping and modeling, as well as aerial inspection and monitoring. In addition, AeroGeosurvey Indonesia also provides training and consultancy services for drone users in the industry.

Terra Drone Corporation

Terra Drone Corporation is a leading global commercial drone technology company for industrial needs which was established in 2016. Terra Drone’s head office is located in Tokyo, Japan, which has global branch offices in several countries in Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America.

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