Safer Airport Skies Require Savvy Drone Pilots

Newark, Gatwick, Dubai – reports of rogue drones closing airports are becoming commonplace. “The solution to keeping drones from flying where they shouldn’t be is about drone pilot savvy,” said Droneport Texas President David Hook. “The best safety investment in aviation is a well-trained pilot. So, we found like-minded companies and agreed to do something about improving small unmanned aircraft safety.” To this end, Hook announced the formation of an alliance with commercial drone ground school providers Planehook Aviation Services, LLC and Opango, Inc. Both agreed to champion the cause of drones and airport safety.

“We teamed with Opango and Planehook Aviation Services to improve drone pilot awareness of airspace and flying safety,” continued Droneport’s President. The three alliance partners concur that the solution is improving the gaps in airspace awareness for both new and seasoned drone pilots. Anyone can now take the airspace lesson for Planehook’s commercial drone pilot course for free using coupon code SAFERSKY. Here is the webpage for the free course

Droneport Texas LLC is based in San Antonio, Texasand focuses on supporting and promoting unmanned aviation in the Lone Star State. Planehook Aviation Services, LLC is also located in San Antonio, Texas and promotes general aviation security and creates aviation courseware. Opango, Inc. is a full-service e-learning company based in Plano, Texas and offers their innovative learning management system for individuals, associations, and corporations.