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IATA Drones Innovation Weekend Barcelona, Spain

Participate in the IATA Drones Innovation Weekend and develop a proof-of-concept for the safe operation and business impact of drones in aviation. You can select different challenges to participate in. Prizes include a coveted speaking slot at the prestigious 2019 IATA Safety & Flight Operationsconference which takes place in Barcelona a few days later.

Are you an innovator, corporate developer, or aerospace enthusiast?  Register now. Participation to the IATA Drones Innovation Weekend is free, but you need to meet the registration requirements indicated in the Terms & Conditions (pdf).

What will we provide?

  • Break-out rooms where teams can work on their solution
  • Relaxation areas for contestants to rest and recharge
  • High speed Wi-Fi internet connection and power outlets
  • Complimentary catering (meals, snacks and refreshment beverages) throughout the duration of the event
  • On-site security and storage space for equipment

What will you need to do?

  •  Form your team, select a challenge and register for the event
  •  Bring your laptop and other electronic devices on the day of the event
  •  Arrange transportation to the venue
  •  Visa and travel arrangements as applicable
  •  Arrange hotel accommodation

30-31 March, 2019
Where: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

The Drones Innovation Weekend competition will take part in two phases:

Phase 1 – Ideation (March 15-29):

The first phase, will allow participants in the Drones Innovation Weekend to submit and discuss ideas using an online tool, in relation to the Challenges, with a panel of experts who will act as virtual mentors. The goal is to allow the participants to adjust ideas they want to build in the Innovation Weekend by receiving feedback from the mentors. Upon completion of registration, the participants will be sent an email with the Challenge contents, supporting documents and information, and access to the tool for Ideation Phase. The participants will be invited to join an online meeting for the start of the Ideation Phase on 15 March 2019.

Phase 2 – Drones Innovation Weekend (March 30-31):

The second phase, which will be held from 30-31 March 2019 in Barcelona, during which participants will further develop and pitch their ideas, designs and solutions. A Jury of experts will assess the participants’ solutions and then select the winning teams.

For more details, view the full schedule (pdf)

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