Bramor sAR

The revolutionary BRAMOR sAR has been designed to accurately locate mobile phones in the challenging airborne SAR environment. The system is designed to identify and accurately geolocate mobile phones on the ground. The NSX module is a unique integration of the SAR system dedicated to a fast and accurate location of mobile phones.

The NSX payload is providing a unique set of capabilities, combining state of the art SAR system dedicated to accurately locate mobile phones in the challenging airborne SAR environment in areas of up to 40km2 in a single flight. The system is designed to identify and accurately geolocate mobile phones on the ground putting the SAR teams in a position to be able to save lives faster.

The NSX uses a Software Defined Radio and cellular protocol stacks designed and developed by a industry leader and optimized for airborne use. The BRAMOR sAR with the NSX is seamlessly integrated on the Bramor UAS as a drop-in module and can be used on all new generation Bramor UAS with the C-ASTRAL C³P (Command, Communications, Control and Planning) software.

Medusa software


Bramor SAR can be used to locate the phone of a person in distress. It can operate in local network coverage, or where there is poor or no coverage at all.

Disaster relief
The system will locate any powered mobiles in a disaster area. Options include: sending text messages to everyone in the area or specific mobiles while receiving messages from those in need of assistance.

Border security
Detection and location of mobile phones in offshore boats (people smuggling). Generating alerts from phones in restricted areas, border intrusions etc.