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Beta Technologies flies Ava eVTOL

One of the few eVTOLs not starting life as a Part 103 aircraft the 34-foot wingspan, 4,000-pound Ava has been in stealth mode for some time. It has emerged as an amazing eVTOL arena entrant. I would not be surprised if the test flight alone made it the fastest eVTOL to date.

The nerdy bit that appeals to me, Austin Myers of X-Plane has been behind the simulations.

Beta Technologies eVTOL Prototype, shown during flight test and with commentary from company founder Kyle Clark. The company is funded and has a launch customer, manufactured organs developer United Therapeutics. The prototype, called Ava, will execute a cross-country flight in the spring or summer of 2019, at the same time that the final production configuration will be revealed. The company has executed more than 170 flights. The prototype aircraft can reach a top speed of 170 mph and has a range of 150 miles.


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