Samsung’s 16th drone patent

A grown-up is going to have to explain to me how companies, particularly Amazon in our space manage to receive patents for things that have prior art anyhooo.

It does seem obvious to bundle a drone with a high-end smartphone but wonder why you would not simply partner with DJI and make a Samsung Mavic or Spark special edition. Very steep mountain to climb to not only match but better the performance of the incumbent. Just ask GoPro.

Business Korea has the number of patents at 16 Others are saying less but either way, it’s more than one.

I am afraid I can’t get excited about multirotors. I am not a big DJI fanboy, but can’t see how the Mavic Air can be beaten at price and quality.

Unless being South Korean makes it easier to sell to large military consumers of course. Maybe that is a market ripe for picking.





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