Marking a truly historic moment in the sUAS history, NYPD has officially and publicly announced their addition of “crime-fighting drones” to their ranks. Led by their Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU), NYPD has added 14 drones to their arsenal to assist with their operations.
FLYMOTION is pleased to have provided the consultation, equipment, training, and support needed to successfully implement their new sUAS program. Over the last year, FLYMOTION and NYPD have worked hand-in-hand to ensure that their agents have the tools and resources needed to utilize their new drone assets to effectively and efficiently protect and serve the public.
FLYMOTION is thrilled to finally announce our partnership with the largest police department in the US. NYPD has entrusted our public safety experts to cultivate a complete drone program in order to advance their technical operations to new heights, and we are pleased to deliver.
Just like NYPD, FLYMOTION continues to take our services to all-new heights. We look forward to continuing to serve our country’s men and women who serve and protect our American way of life!

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