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DroneClash 2019

Want to win up to 50.000 euro prize money? Sign your team up for the next edition of DroneClash. (Early bird action till 14-12-2018) This next-level FPV competition – a kind of 3D Robot Wars, will be held on March 16, 2019, at the former airbase, Valkenburg in Katwijk, the Netherlands.  With six teams already signed up for the second edition of the world’s best counter drone event, the competition promises to be hot. Teams who wish to take part are invited to register before January 16, 2019, to compete for €50.000 in prize money.

Supersale: If you subscribe your team before 14-12-2018 you get your money back after participation. The subscription costs are €150,- per team. This is to make sure teams are serious about subscribing.

Read all about the first  edition of DroneClash here: http://www.droneclash.nl/droneclash-2018-i/

Danger Drones: addressing a rreal-world problem

DroneClash was conceived as a spectacular and breathtaking event to show off the best and bravest in drone and counter-drone technology.  However ,there is also a serious under-lying goal – namely to address the real world problem of nefarious drones.. In recent years, drone development has mushroomed, and an anti-drone industry is following in its wake. Ideally, these two industries will keep each other in check, resulting in drones being safely and responsibly incorporated into our daily lives. Delft University of Technology’s Micro Air Vehicle Lab (MAVLab) – the organising team behind DroneClash – hopes that the event will generate new ideas and give the counter-drone industry a much-needed boost.

Call for Entry

Want to win 50.000 euro in prize money? Sign up your team! DroneClash is a next-level FPV competition –  a kind of 3D Robot Wars. Teams will battle it out  in this real-life video game. Each team is allowed to use as many drones as they like, but they should bring at least one Fighter drone and one Queen drone. The main idea is simple: knock out the rival Queens. How? That’s up to the teams!

The starting points for DroneClash are the separate team arenas. Here all the drones are chomping at the bit, but before battle can commence, they must traverse the treacherous Hallway of Doom, Death and Destruction (aka the 3D Hallway). Here they will be subjected to the latest in counter-drone technology, before clashing with enemy drones and trying to bring down rival Queens.

More information about the competition, this edition’s rules, and how teams can participate can be found at: www.droneclash.org/teams

Overseas teams can contact the organisers to request help with travel expenses.

DroneClash 2019: bigger and better

DroneClash 2019 promises to be even more spectacular than the first edition. The drones which entered DroneClash 2018 were all but impervious to the counter-measures deployed in the 3D Hallway. While over 20 nets were fired, not one succeeded in catching a drone mid-flight. The drones were simply too fast: a lesson in itself for the counter-drone industry.

This year, things will be different. Small rule changes, designed to lengthen the battles, mean that teams will be able to really can show off their skills and their technology.

Last year’s innovations included a new way of hacking which is now the subject of a research project by the authorities. Mark Wiebes, Chief Innovation Officer of the Dutch Police comments:

“We are quite satisfied with the results of the first DroneClash. Although it showed that we still have a long way to go. All the more reason to make DroneClash a regular event in the calendar’

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