Moonrock Insurance partners with Flyability to offer insurance for Elios drone pilots

Moonrock Insurance partners with Flyability to offer insurance for Elios drone pilots

Drone insurance specialist Moonrock Insurance has announced an exclusive partnership with Swiss Drone manufacturer Flyability. The partnership will allow all commercial pilots flying Elios drones – Flyability’s drone designed for the inspection and exploration of the most inaccessible places – to obtain a tailor-made insurance product for their drone through Moonrock Insurance.

Elios drones are built to work in inaccessible areas where people cannot go and are increasingly in demand in a range of industries from oil and gas, to power generation and mining. The drones can fly in complex, cluttered or indoor spaces, where drone use was previously too dangerous or simply impossible.

Commenting on the new scheme, Simon Ritterband, Managing Director for Moonrock Insurance, says: “The ability of Elios drones to fly in previously inaccessible places is an exciting development for the commercial use of drones. We are very pleased to partner with Flyability to offer commercial pilots using Elios drones an exclusive insurance product at very competitive rates.

“As a drone insurer, we recognise the additional training and support pilots receive from Flyability which gives us greater confidence when it comes to assessing pilot competency and allows us to reduce the premium we would normally charge.”

Flyability’s Junio V.Palomba, Manager for Inspection Companies at Flyability, adds: “Giving peace of mind to our clients is an absolute priority for us at Flyability. Providing highly specialised and competent training is already a key part of our offering. This partnership with Moonrock Insurance and Hiscox allows us to give an extra-layer of protection to our users, without breaking the bank.”

Flyability has closed its Series B round of funding after raising £8.5m.