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Meet the brand new TeraRanger Tower Evo

Terabee – creators of the TeraRanger Time-of-Flight distance sensors has released news of its new generation 360° solid-state LiDAR. With up to eight detection zones monitored simultaneously and at high-speeds, TeraRanger Tower Evo is lightweight, compact and ideal for collision avoidance on drones and robots.


Terabee launched their first generation Tower in 2016, using the TeraRanger One sensors. Using the latest TeraRanger Evo sensors for this new version, the maximum range has increased from 14 meters up to 60 meters indoors, and outdoors in strong sunlight, twenty to thirty meters range is possible.

With its unique circular array of distance sensors, TeraRanger Tower Evo is designed for drone and mobile robot navigation and collision avoidance, but can also be used for point cloud generation. Unlike rotating laser scanners, Tower Evo has zero moving parts, resulting in increased robustness, higher data sampling rates for a given point, and silent operation. Tower Evo’s active infrared Time-of-Flight sensors are eye safe in all conditions.

Terabee CEO, Max Ruffo explains,“We have always worked closely with the mobile robotics community. In response to client feedback we’ve made the device smaller and easier to integrate. We’ve also increased the data sampling rates and with Tower Evo you can now achieve up to 600Hz per sensor. It is also ROS-ready and Pixhawk compatible, and for drone users we’ve added a LED driver to create a visual-aid when flying close to hazards. Multi-coloured LED’s can be attached to the drone and when distance thresholds are reached, the colours change like a traffic light system. And to cap it all off, we’ve also reduced the price. Tower Evo is now 35% lower cost!”, Ruffo concludes.

Another advantage of Terabee’s approach to LiDAR, is flexibility. The number of sensors used in the system can be decreased or added to, and with input from Terabee, the sensors and control board can be industrialized to meet customer requirements or embedded in OEM platforms and products. As more versions of TeraRanger Evo sensors are launched, Towers with different attributes can be created.

Today, TeraRanger Tower Evo comes in two configurations; with either four or eight distance sensors and users can choose from the Evo 60m sensors for longer range, or the Evo 600Hz sensors for higher speed. Prices start at €399 for a four sensor Tower and €599 for an eight sensor Tower. It can be purchased from: https://www.terabee.com/portfolio-item/teraranger-tower-evo-time-of-flight-sensors-array/

About Terabee:

Terabee designs, develops and produces the TeraRanger brand of sensors and solutions for robot localization, mapping, SLAM, collision avoidance and navigation, and a host of automation and IoT applications. TeraRanger sensors are small, lightweight (from 8g) and fast, with refresh rates as high as 1kHz. TeraRanger products also provide a simple plug and play approach to multi-sensor arrays and multi-axes solutions, often capable of replacing traditional LiDAR scanners.


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