Get FPV to spread costs of Chinese tarrifs

Get FPV to spread costs of Chinese tarrifs

The U.S. Government recently imposed a special 25% Tariff on many products we import from China. This Tariff is in addition to the existing duties, which are anywhere from 2–5 percent for many of the products we import. The new Tariff took effect on July 6, 2018.

Products covered by this first round of Tariffs include brushless motors, antennas, LIPOs, ESCs, receivers, etc. Two more rounds of Tariffs, which will cover even more of the products we sell, are currently in the review stage and are likely to take effect in September.

Therefore, GetFPV is currently adding a fee of 2.9% to each order sub-total to help cover this new 25% Tariff. We decided to spread this burden across all our orders to lessen the blow for individual products. For instance, we want you to be able to buy brushless motors and LIPOs (which every FPV pilot must have and buys frequently) at close to the original price – not a 25% premium. Spreading the Tariff cost among all of us is our way to make us all part of the solution, even if some products, like propellers or goggles, do not carry a Tariff (yet). The FPV community is united in our love for FPV, and we hope you agree with our approach to work through the current trade war troubles as a community. We are hopeful that our Government officials will work through the ongoing trade disagreements with China and that these Tariffs will disappear quickly.

Over the coming weeks, the current surcharge we’re adding is likely going to adjust (up or down) as we learn more about the actual Tariff fees we are charged with and as new products are affected by these Tariffs. As a company, we have decided to cover approximately 5% of the total incremental Tariff fees we get hit with to do our share during this difficult time.

Tim Nilson

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