Drone Software Canada Inc. achieves nation-wide status

Leading drone InsurTech software firm Drone Software Canada Inc. (DSC),
Canada’s leading provider of UAV automation software for the insurance and roofing industries has been awarded a Nation-wide Complex Restricted Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada.

This advanced Standing SFOC allows DSC to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) weighing 25 kg or less in complex environments within built-up areas in Canadian cities and towns as well as within Controlled Airspace, with relatively short notice, subject to the terms and conditions specified by Transport Canada and Nav Canada, the national air traffic control services provider. DSC qualified for this advanced UAV operation certificate by demonstrating to authorities the ability to successfully meet all regulatory requirements.

Kabir Shaal, president of DSC, noted that, “Our advanced SFOC status sets DSC even further apart are being able to actually deliver what we propose instead of just proposing vague services or vaporware like so many others,” adding that, “The best way for us to help our IMGING software customers achieve their own Standing SFOC is by investing the resources necessary to actually do it for ourselves.”

He went on, “DSC went even further by qualifying for Nation-wide status, so that when we tell our clients we will help them get airborne, we really mean it, because we’ve really done it.”

DSC is the exclusive Canadian distributor of patented IMGINGTM UAV automation software developed by their software US principals, Loveland Innovations, LLC especially to meet the needs of p&c carriers,
restoration contractors, and the roofing industry. With advanced features such as automated flight controls, automatic damage detection, sub-centimetre image resolution, precise roof measurements and 3D models, IMGING sets the gold standard for drone automation.

DSC is now conducting flight operations in different regions of Canada, including live flight demonstrations and user training in Ontario and southern Alberta. With clearance from Ottawa to operate nationally, DSC is working with its customers to roll out this new technology rapidly, safely and efficiently.

“The future is here and now”, DSC vice-president Sam Margel said, adding that, “I believe that we are about to witness a quantum leap in insurance-related property inspection productivity and the quality of metrics. DSC’s success in obtaining our Standing Nation-wide SFOC is rooted in our commitment to aviation safety and regulatory compliance”. Margel, who is responsible for regulatory affairs at DSC, added that “Aviation safety and compliance is essential for our continued success and for our customers’ success.”


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