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Kittyhawk Releases Revolutionary Hardware Product For Enterprise Drone Operations

San Francisco, Ca. April 1, 2018 — Kittyhawk, the leader in enterprise drone operations software, today announced their foray into the world of drone hardware. The Kittyhawk Log Book® provides enterprises a new and scalable way to take their drone program from one pilot to half-a-dozen or more.

“Over the past few years, we’ve started seeing some of the largest teams starting to use analogue management solutions for their drone operations,” said Connor Frost of GroundedInsights, LLC

Capitalizing on their deep expertise in the hardware space, Kittyhawk is looking to foster the next generation of growth and innovation in the space. The Kittyhawk Log Book® provides features being demanded by modern enterprises to cultivate their culture of safety and ensure their compliance to rigorous safety standards.

“I’m frankly surprised it took Kittyhawk this long to start demonstrating their prowess in the hardware space. This is a logical next step for them.” Said Mitchell Edges of Snow and Soloman analysts.

“After talking to hundreds of Fortune 50 companies, we came to the conclusion that they were just looking for a way to take information and somehow store it. We did a lot of research on how to store information and found that sometimes everything old is, in fact, new again. We went with a book.” Says Joshua Ziering, Co-Founder and Chief Pilot of

Available today, the Kittyhawk Log Book® brings game-changing compatibility for the modern enterprise. Native compatibility with pen, pencil, and rubber stamp come standard with every Kittyhawk Log Book®.

“I’ve used three of them and already love them. I’ve found that using different color pens is an easy and smart way to add additional context to your flight records. For example, Green logs are all the new confidential drones I fly where I can’t write their real names down, blue is for drones flown in beautiful exotic locations, and red are drones that I like. All of my green pages go well with the stylish K on the front.” said Sophie Welsh, prolific drone blogger.

In addition to the Kittyhawk Log Book®, Kittyhawk also announced a deep integration with the Fedex and UPS API’s today. Now, when you need to move this critical data around, you can request an envelope from the Kittyhawk platform. Days later, a courier will arrive with an envelope. Simply put your Kittyhawk Log Book® in the envelope, and drop it in the nearest mailbox. Within days, someone else on your team can have access to your data. Managing enterprise drone operations has never been easier.

“After all our market research, we kept finding that analog hardware solutions really provided the most value to our customers. We’re excited to enter the extremely crowded commercial drone hardware space and differentiate ourselves so much with our new offering.” said Kittyhawk CEO, Jon Hegranes.

The Kittyhawk Log Book® is available today

Please watch our product video for more information:

Joshua Ziering
Joshua Ziering
Joshua is the Co-Founder and Chief Pilot of venture-backed Kittyhawk and a founding member of the Unmanned Aviation Safety Team. Josh is an FAA Part 107 certificate holder and has been flying all manner unmanned aircraft for 15 years. He has piloted everything from a 15 foot Taco Bell Chalupa Blimp to 40 pound 150cc aerobatic aircraft. As an accomplished flyer, Josh has flown professionally for the NHL, ABC Television and various manned-aviation airshows. Josh is a self-taught programmer and entrepreneur. After studying Poetry at Arizona State University, he started and sold several successful businesses. Josh writes regularly for DroneBlog, Drones360, Unmanned Aerial, sUAS News and is oft quoted in publications such as Aviation Today, CNN, Fast Company, Reuters, Rotor & Wing International, sUAS News and Vice. Josh eagerly shares his love of aviation and often-polarizing opinions on where it’s headed at industry conferences including Drone World Expo, Georgia Drone Summit, Public Safety Drone Expo and Xponential.