Securus Technologies Announces Successful Drone Pilot Program in Securing Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies Announces Successful Drone Pilot Program in Securing Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for public safety, law enforcement, investigations, corrections and government payment services announced active pilot programs using drone detection technology to combat the threats in prisons and jails from drone devices.

Drones are being used to deliver a variety of illegal contraband to prisons. Corrections officials have found evidence of drones being used to carry anything from drugs to cellphones and sometimes even delivering weapons. Securus Technologies has spent over 18 months evaluating the technology and potential partners dedicated to detecting drones and stopping them from reaching correctional facilities.

“The technology is new and emerging and will continue to get better as trials identify strengths and weaknesses in the current solutions,” said a spokesman for Securus Technologies. “Securus personnel have worked hand in hand with a variety of technology partners to identify what is required to engineer, install and implement drone detection pilot programs.

“Like all technology, it gets better with trials, investment and resources to improve the technology over time. We work together with corrections officials who share a dedicated mission to deter drone delivery of dangerous contraband. So far the results are outstanding. These trials have already identified new tactics and methods and it will only get better.”

Drone detection uses a digital antennae structure (DAS) infrastructure similar to that of Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution. “Our investigative and systems experience has helped us work with corrections and detection partners to fine tune drone detection systems be more effective, more quickly,” said the spokesman.

Detection and prevention of drones in corrections is not only a serious threat to the safety of corrections officers, but also to that of other inmates who can be harmed or exploited by the contraband delivered.

The frequency of drone incidents demonstrates the level of initiative and innovation of those who are trying to circumvent existing security measures to deliver harmful contraband to inmates. Technology such as drone detection is an important way to bring scalable solutions to keep people safe.


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