One-Day Part 107 Workshop Offered After the SUSB Expo

If a two-day conference and flying demonstrations weren’t enough, you can now add a third day of learning to your San Francisco Drone week! Take part in a one-day, Crash Proofing your Drone Operation, 14 CFR 107 Initial and recurrent knowledge test Primer workshop with Capt. Scott Strimple from Drone Flight School.  Scott will be teaching this signature workshop at the SF Drone School Research Center on Treasure Island Friday, April 27th for the SUSB Expo show special price of $199!

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Crash Proofing your Drone Operation

14 CFR 107 Initial and recurrent knowledge test Primer

You’re wanting to get your FAA Remote Pilot certification or maybe you’ve studied to pass your FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge test and got your license but you don’t really understand the why and how of things like airspace, authorizations, weather, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, human factors and other subject matter you are held accountable for with the FAA as a certified remote pilot.  If you are unsure about the legality of when and where you can fly or are asking others for their opinion, you will find this workshop invaluable. Industry leading drone educator and pilot, Scott Strimple shares his decades of knowledge, training and experience demystifying this subject matter for the drone pilot looking to raise the bar with their professionalism and skill set. Scott’s light-hearted approach using actual experience to convey the subject matter provides a unique experience lending itself to a more meaningful understanding that instills new found confidence as an airman.

Topics covered in this one day workshop

Airspace, operating requirements and flight restrictions affecting sUA

Applicable regulations for sUA rating privileges, limitations, and flight operations

Aviation weather and the effects on sUA performance

Emergency procedures

Crew Resource Management / Threat and Error Management

Graduate level Aeronautical Decision Making and judgement

Airport operations

Maintenance and Pre-flight procedures

Advanced Aviation Safety Subject Matter such as

Normalized Deviance

Safety Management Systems

Establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Meaningful Risk Management

Establishing Professional Standards

Becoming an effective PIC

The business of drones including techniques on:

  • Talking to perspective clients
  • Pricing services
  • Importance of establishing relationships




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