Flyingwings Falcon Pro 5 Mapper Li-ion mapping platform.

UK based EPP flying wing pioneers – Flyingwings have bought a new Li-ion powered mapping wing to market.

The Falcon Pro 5 Mapper is a rugged fixed wing mapping airframe. It has been designed from the ground up for harsh environments, be that farm, mine or quarry.

The central fuselage is large enough for payloads up to 400g, cameras like the Sony ILCE QX1 can be accommodated. The body can be ordered in one of two widths, 120mm or 150mm and custom fuselages can be made to meet your sensor requirements.

Flight times of up to an hour are possible using Li-ion batteries (6600mah 4S).

The base model for user integration of Ardupilot compatible autopilot and powertrain can be purchased for £224.95

If you have any enquiries or custom requirements, please contact [email protected]

Lead Time: 7 working days


Wingspan: 1280mm

Airframe only weight:700g

Removable wings and wing tips


All Pre-Built

Super rugged high density EPP reinforced fuselage

100% EPP wings

Twin 8mm carbon fibre tube spars

Separate nose unit for FPV installation

Servos Hitec82MG x 2 installed

Recommended ancillaries:

Power System:

Motor : Roxxy C35-36 1250kv with 9×6 prop + 40A ESC

Battery: Lipoly 5000mah 4S or 6600mah Lion 4S

Autopilot: Pixhawk 1 or 2.1

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