CybAero streamlines the organization

CybAero streamlines the organization

CybAero has decided to restructure the organization to make it more efficient. As a result of structural changes, the number of employees will be reduced from 35 to about 20. Furthermore, the company will outsource parts of the business. The changes are expected to result in annual cost savings of MSEK 19

–  It’s always hard to have to make personnel cuts. But since I took over as CEO of CybAero, I spent most of my time reviewing the business, its costs and how to proceed with our business. I have found that the cost level is far too high in relation to the situation we are in today. Therefore, we have begun to implement measures to improve and streamline the business. The new organization entails clearer areas of responsibility, which I believe will improve the efficiency over time, says CybAero CEO Johan Ahlström.

The changes in the organization have already begun, which means, among other things, that the number of employees will be reduced from 35 to about 20 people. The reductions will partly take place through natural departures.

Production, research and development will in the future generally be done through outsourcing and be adapted to ongoing and upcoming projects. CybAero has previously collaborated with a number of external partners such as HiQ, Semcon and Military Works.

As part of the efficiency enhancement, CybAero will also review the possibilities of moving from the company’s current facilities to facilities that are better suited for the new business and its cost structure.

With these restructuring, we will change CybAero’s way of working towards more powerful partners and thereby better adapt our work until we get a more continuous ordering. Annual fixed costs are expected to decrease from MSEK 44 to MSEK 25 excluding depreciation. The measures are expected to get the full effect in the second half of 2018, says CybAero CEO Johan Ahlström.