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AVSS and The Institute for Drone Technology announce partnership for revolutionary drone black box data collection and authentication system.

AVSS is designing an authenticated fleet management program within its existing drone safety systems. These include a ‘black box’ and IoT parachute deployment system. IfDT is working with large-scale drone technology businesses and education partners to develop the drone industry. AVSS and IfDT will enter into a joint venture partnership to design, build, and distribute the system.

This system will allow organisations and governments to independently verify the locations of drones. For organisations, it means being able to know where their drones are at any given time. For a government, it means being able to independently monitor and manage the use of drones in the airspace they control.

Dr. Joel Spencer, CEO of The Institute for Drone Technology said: “This is a key development in the drone technology space. For governments, the safety system gives comfort against the inevitability of mechanical failure in built-up areas. While the ability to independently verify the locations of drones opens up a huge number of possibilities for governments being able to safely and effectively manage their airspace. Drones do crash, and if we as a society are going to get the best benefits from drone technology, it is essential that we do so backed up with systems that improve safety and accountability.”

Josh Ogden, CEO of AVSS said: “The opportunity to solve real problems with drones has been exemplified in several use cases across the world. Now, the key to integrating the solutions into everyday activities revolves around safety and engagement with reputable entities. It is imperative that we work together on a global scale to ensure all stakeholders are involved and informed of the positive and negative consequences of drones. By partnering with the Institute for Drone Technology, we believe that citizens, commercial operations, and government regulators across Asia-Pacific will be engaged and informed on how to implement drones into their dynamic environments.”

About AVSS: AVSS – Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions Inc. develops integrated hardware and software solutions to enable reliable safety, proactive compliance, advanced management of UAVs. Based in Canada, AVSS has secured notable clients for their fleet safety management products and is actively expanding offshore to enable the safe operations of drones.

About IfDT: The Institute for Drone Technology is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority accredited training provider as well as a Registered Training Organisation. IfDT provides consulting and training services around drone technology integration for organisations. IfDT is active in Australia and India and is rapidly moving into other Asian markets.

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