3D & 4D Asset management in construction and insurance

The use of drones has extended to construction, insurance and commercial buildings and structures, where they can capture hard-to-access structures, assets, rooftop, towers, bridges and many other utilities. With this incredible development in hardware for rapid data acquisition, the industry is experiencing the “data browser-basedpper an innovative technology company has developed a unique cloud-based platform enabling rapid access, 3D streaming and managing this wealth of data.  


Quick access to your assets in 3D with the ability to document asset conditions, identify issues and add annotations in a collaborative web based environment are some of the benefits of using the 4DMapper’s geospatial platform. Professional facilities, infrastructure, insurance, construction and asset owners are beginning to realize the benefits of using the 4DMapper platform to perform fundamental maintenance, tracking change over time, creating reality models, digitizing, analyzing, measuring and collaborating in a secure and accessible browser-based platform.

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