KapetAir VTOL

KapetAir VTOL

KapetAir is a Danish/Croatian startup based at UAS Denmark test center and focused on the development of versatile fixed-wing VTOL drone for commercial remote sensing applications whether they are mapping, precision agriculture or industrial inspections.

KapetAir VTOL has combined the best of multirotors and fixed-wings into a configuration that is both fully autonomous and has a long range. There is no hassle of hand launching that is associated with fixed wing UAVs and there is no need for large open areas for landing. The endurance is increased approximately five times compared the traditional multirotors. All these features are intended to cut the cost for operators and allow them to scale up their operations with a robust and versatile platform.

KapetAir VTOL is featuring patent-pending rotors that are specifically designed for tiltrotor use. With the wingspan of a bit over 3 meters, it has the endurance of 2 hours during which it can cover up to 120 km. It also has a large payload bay that can carry up to 1kg of versatile payload modules.

KapetAir VTOL’s another unique feature is its ability to take-off and land from water.

For the last couple of months, KapetAir has been conducting test flights of their tiltrotor VTOL UAV. Prototyping phase and test flights are behind us and we are working on the first batch of beta-units and are looking for beta-users as well as partners.