ArduPilot Unconference China 2017

This Oct 22nd was hectic and exciting, as the ArduPilot Unconference China was successfully held in a beautiful coastal city Xiamen, hosted by Hex Technology Limited. This was the very first time that ArduPilot core developers gathered together in China and shared open source spirit to participants from all over the world. This event created unique communication opportunities between talents and experts; promoted drone industry based on open source technology; as well as spread the spirit of open source.

More than 240 attendees from 16 countries and over 50 international UAV experts, more than 100 domestic and overseas drone developers, as well as varied well-known local media, attended the conference. What a splendid global Ardupilot industry feast!

Gene Wu, the CEO of Hex Technology Limited, delivered the welcoming speech during the grand opening to hundreds gathered that day. He addressed that a little dream had come true, which was to bridge ArduPilot International Community with Chinese developers. The welcoming speech was followed by 7 keynote speeches delivered by well-known and respected keynote speakers as stated below.

Seppo Saario -“Unmanned Telemetry System”

Jani Hirvinen -“ArduPilotUnmanned Revolution”

Philip Rowse -“Hardware Roadmap & Custom Carrier Board Integration”

Siddharth Purohit -“Introduction for A New RTOS port of APM”

Michael Oborne -“Mission Planner – RTK/ Video/ Survey”

Jonathan Challinger-“ArduPilot Delivers in one of the most complex airspace systems in the world”

Randy Mackay -“ArduPilot Development Review & Vision Roadmap”

At the event, people bumped into many familiar faces, made new friends and had great discussions with keynote speakers. Quite a number of Chinese companies addressed that they gained a lot of invaluable guidances and inspirations from one-on-one meetings with keynote speakers.

Even though it was the first large-scale open source drone event in China, the full-house attendance shows huge influence of Ardupilot community in Chinese drone industry. Hex Technology Limited is expected to organize the conference in larger scale next year.