The AT Transporter Flying Car – The World’s Most Powerful and Versatile Quad Copter

Advanced Tactics is currently developing a modular, low-cost, cargo-carrying multicopter aircraft capable of autonomous logistical operations called the AT Transporter, which can deliver up to 1,200 lb payloads in a detachable 3-6 person passenger/cargo pod.  A technology demonstrator of the AT Transporter has been built using internal funds, and Advanced Tactics is now looking for the funding to transition that design to an operational prototype.  The AT Transporter has a maximum speed of over 200 mph, and has a maximum range of 500 to 700 nm under its own power.  It can also be shipped anywhere in the world in a standard 20-foot shipping container or in the V-22 Osprey, with the ability to lower itself to just 5 feet high and 5 feet wide by the flip of an electric switch and removing 4 standard bolts.

Proposed Production Versions of the AT Transporter

3 to 6 Person Flying Car

Specifications of Existing AT Transporter Technology Demonstrator (Up to 3 Passengers):

  • Max Weight: 2,450 lbs Hot-High
  • Empty Weight:  1,450 lbs
  • Max Endurance: 5.0+ hours
  • Max Range: 500 nm
  • Max Payload: 1,000 lbs
  • Max Cargo Payload: 800 lbs
  • Max Flight Speed: 200 mph
  • Range with Max Payload: 200 nm
  • Service Ceiling: 18,000 ft
  • Max HOGE:  15,000 ft

Specifications of AT Transporter with Upgraded Turbocharged Engines (Up to 6 Passengers):

  • Max Weight: 4,050 lbs Hot-High
  • Empty Weight:  2,450 lbs
  • Max Endurance: 7.0+ hours
  • Max Range: 700 nm
  • Max Payload: 1,600 lbs
  • Max Cargo Payload: 1,200+ lbs
  • Max Flight Speed: 220 mph
  • Range with Max Payload: 260 nm
  • Service Ceiling: 28,000 ft
  • Max HOGE:  25,000 ft

AT Transporter Mission Capabilities:

Firefighting:   Carries over 1,200 pounds of water and can hover precisely to do water drops

Disaster Relief:  Supplies can be loaded into the pods with AT Transporter landing with the supplies or the winch system can lower the pod to get the supplies to first responders in areas where landing is not possible

Water Rescue:   With floats attached to skids water rescues are made possible

Robot Deploying Air Vehicle:  A robot carrying pod can deploy and retrieve robots for disaster relief etc.

Medical Evacuation Vehicle:  Carries one or more patients on stretchers

Autonomous Cargo:  Allows for low cost high speed and high payload deliveries at 200 mph and up to 1,200 pounds

Crop Dusting:  Can carry well over 1,200 pounds of agricultural sprays per run.   Does quick turn arounds.

Personnel Transport:  The People Pods (personnel-carrying pods) for the existing AT Transporter design will have seats for up to 3 people.  People Pods for the upgraded production AT Transporter will have seats for up to 6 people and act can as an AT Transporter Shuttle Craft.  

The 3 passenger AT Transporter is estimated to cost $249,000, and the 6 passengers AT Transporter is estimated to cost $395,000.  Both vehicles can perform the same missions but with different payloads.  Flights above 20,000 ft are possible with turbocharged engines.  The passenger pods for the AT Transporter will be introduced in early 2018.


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