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Drones and Federal Preemption – RCAPA writes to the President

Friday, October 13, 2017

RE: Drones and Federal Preemption

President Donald J. Trump

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC 20006

Dear President Trump,

I am writing you today to appeal not only to the President of our great country but also as a businessperson that has personal experience with the Federal Aviation Administration.

The notion that Federal, State, and local governments are going to all be on the same page concerning commercial aviation is beyond any expectation. What is required is some of the same protections afforded all other sectors through Federal preemption, so this emerging technology can have a chance to flourish.

I make this appeal on behalf of the tens of thousands of unaffiliated small and medium-sized business owners, operators and innovators as well as the hundreds of thousands of hobby users that have no voice or representation in the National Airspace integration effort.

The groups and individuals that claim to represent the commercial end-user have by and large never developed, fielded, or run a business using Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The Remote Control Aerial Photography Association’s membership is mainly small business people, innovators and service providers who have done that very thing.

Many of the “facts” and “figures” bandied about for market share and the number of users has been questionable, at best. The FAA has favoured large corporations; foreign companies and investors while the commercial end-user has systematically been shut out of the conversation. In the past, we have asked the FAA to promulgate only common sense rules after scientifically determining the risks to the NAS and people on the ground.

We are a grassroots association, and we ask that you consider our goals of fostering a climate that builds business and creates jobs while minimizing the burdening on the taxpayer.


Patrick Egan

Gene Robinson


c/o Patrick Egan

P.O. Box 188751

Sacramento, CA



CC: John F. Kelly, White House Chief of Staff. Michael Kratsios, Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Egan
Patrick Eganhttp://patrickegan.net/
Editor in Field, sUAS News Americas Desk | Patrick Egan is the editor of the Americas Desk at sUAS News and host and Executive Producer of the sUAS News Podcast Series, Drone TV and the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition. Experience in the field includes assignments with the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Battle Lab investigating solutions on future warfare research projects. Instructor for LTA (Lighter Than Air) ISR systems deployment teams for an OSD, U.S. Special Operations Command, Special Surveillance Project. Built and operated commercial RPA prior to 2007 FAA policy clarification. On the airspace integration side, he serves as director of special programs for the RCAPA (Remote Control Aerial Photography Association).