Workhorse Group Inc. Presents New Low Floor Delivery Platform Chassis at Post-Expo 2017

Workhorse Group Inc. (NASDAQ: WKHS), an American technology company focused on providing electric mobility solutions to the transportation sector, today announced that it will present its new Low Floor Delivery Platform Chassis at the Post-Expo 2017 at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland, September 26-28, 2017, Hall 4 Booth #9060. Workhorse is also a finalist for the Post-Expo / Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) Startup Innovation Award for its HorseFly™ Unmanned Aerial Delivery System.

The Workhorse Low Floor Delivery Platform Chassis is non-corrosive, designed for years of long life. The design will be available in all-electric and range-extended versions. The ultra low 19″ floor design maximizes cargo space, reduces knee injuries, and provides ease of operation. Standard features include all wheel drive, automatic braking and best-in-class 26′ turning radius and handling for maximum versatility. A custom body can be built on the chassis to best suit individual applications.

The Post-Expo / PIP Startup Innovation Award recognizes “innovative products or solutions with a unique value proposition that may have the potential to change the postal and logistics market or even create a new market.” Workhorse is one of 12 finalists, and one of only two finalists from the United States in the international competition.

The HorseFly™ is a carbon fiber, high-efficiency octocopter delivery drone that is fully integrated with Workhorse’s line of electric/hybrid delivery trucks. The HorseFly launches from the roof of a delivery truck and delivers a package to its destination within the driver’s line of sight. The HorseFly system is compliant with all current FAA regulations. It can carry a package weighing up to 10 pounds, with an energy cost of approximately $.03 per mile for electricity.

Earlier this year, UPS and Workhorse successfully tested residential package delivery by autonomous drone from atop an electric UPS step van also built by Workhorse. The delivery demonstrates the improved efficiencies drones can provide on rural delivery routes, while reducing vehicle emissions. This technology could save time and reduce costly driver miles.

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