UK Commercial Drone Podcast Ep 5

UK Commercial Drone Podcast Ep 5

The fifth episode of the UK Commercial Drone Podcast is now out and provides vital listening to those working in the UK drone industry or considering entering the market.

The UK Commercial Drone Podcast looks into the drone industry in the UK.  Adam Bailey hosts the podcast and welcomes guests from across the industry to provide insights and opportunities to those looking to get involved or already working with drones in the UK.

Adam is a long-standing commercial operator with his company Kingfisher APS specialising in surveying applications in London and other large cities across the UK. He was one of the founding members of ARPAS-UK and previous the vice-Chairman of the organisation. Through his work in the industry Adam has had the opportunity to meet those shaping the industry; other operators, regulators and major stakeholders and it is those people who are guests on the show.

This weeks episode features Elliott Corke of Hexcam and The Aerial Academy who discusses how the drone market in the UK has changed since 2011. Subjects covered include how the technology has changed, the rates of development in the industry, the trends in the industry are and what operators both existing and new should be considering

Previous episodes include interviews with;

Jim Scanlan from The University of Southampton talking about projects including flying swarms of drones into tornadoes, flying drones in the Antarctic, tethered drones, BVLOS research and being the first to 3D print a plane

Moonrock Insurance covering mandatory levels of cover, different types of insurance operators should be considering and how you might reduce your premiums

English Heritage who discuss their usage of drones and tendering opportunities on their frames work

SA Catapult’s Mark Jarman who talks about mapping and surveying with drones and satellites with a large focus on photogrammetry.

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