Lockheed Martin OUTRIDER

OUTRIDER™ is the latest in Lockheed Martin’s family of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) designed to provide enhanced Situational Awareness (SA) in environments where launching a conventional UAV is not practical.

With a patented launch canister and high degree of wind tolerance, OUTRIDER™ can be launched from ground, surface, air or sub-surface at the press of a button. This enables enhanced SA to be delivered across the land, maritime and air environments at all levels, from individual platforms, to operations rooms and Headquarters.


  • Mass and Range: ~1.7 kg : 15 km, up to 30-40 km with relay
  • Time on Station: 2+ hours
  • Dash Speed: ~50 knots
  • Loiter: ~35 knots
  • Environmental: Rain Resistant, can be launched to 15 knots wind, Sea State 4

OUTRIDER™ has been designed to maximise endurance whilst minimising launch footprint. With its high aspect ratio and patented wing design, OUTRIDER™ can stay airborne for over two hours, providing vital SA to operators for up to twice as long as others in its class.

For scenarios such as a submerged submarine trying to avoid detection, or emergency services dealing with a hazardous environment, OUTRIDER™ allows crews to stay at a safe standoff distance whilst gathering the data they need to complete their mission.

OUTRIDER™ comes equipped with gimballed HD video and IR cameras delivering stabilised, quality footage in day and night conditions, and packaged to maximise capability whilst maintaining a small form factor.