Drone flies over Houston Hurricane Harvey Blackhawk helicopters


A great demonstration of inappropriate flying by Youtube user Skies Photography.

In a video published on the 29th of August on their channel, aerial views of three Blackhawks on the ground @2:42 and a Blackhawk passes through shot right to left @2:48

On the YouTube channel header, an LLC is mentioned, I cannot find business details but will keep trying.

If operating commercially Skies Photography’s pilots should hold either a Part 107 certification or operate under a 333. They should have some basic aviation knowledge.

Whatever piece of paper the drone operator did or did not have they showed very poor airmanship by operating in the vicinity of manned aircraft.

It seems Texas Military fears on Twitter were justified.

Our very own search and rescue expert Gene Robinson spoke about how much traffic there was in the sky live from the scene.

A hat tip to Adam Andrews of Aeroworks for spotting this.