Amimon Unveils Its Long Range Wireless HD Video Solution For Drones at IBC

Amimon Unveils Its Long Range Wireless HD Video Solution For Drones at IBC

Many drone pilots and professional camera operators today are filming and navigating in larger spaces. To ensure a productive workflow and an advanced drone flight experience, it’s necessary to have a clear visual, in real time, across greater distances, without loading screens, pixelated images and abrupt interruptions.

Amimon, the creator of wireless HD video technology with zero latency, is launching its CONNEX Long Range (CONNEX LR) wireless solution at International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) to change the way users utilize videos captured from cameras and drones.

Amimon’s CONNEX LR technology delivers HD high-quality wireless video at a range of 3 kilometers based on the company’s chipset with a resolution of 1080p60Hz, allowing for a seamless visual experience, without any lagging. Drone pilots will now be able to reach greater distances and have the clear visual to navigate from above with less restrictions. CONNEX LR will also excel in shorter ranges to provide increased robustness, and video quality in tough radio environments.

The latest LR technology is also compatible with all CONNEX products offerings. This integration allows for complete backward compatibility with any CONNEX receivers and transmitters, and ensures HD link solutions for all professional aerial platforms, bringing top broadcast quality and advanced robustness to UAV and UGV video applications.

Amimon’s CONNEX LR System key features include:

  • Integrated receiver and optimized directional antenna for real time video
  • Extended directional range of 3km and multi-directional range of up to 400m for clear and easy camera navigation
  • Encryption for a secured wireless video connection
  • Easy plug-and-fly out of the box setup and operation

“Our long range wireless technology allows us to deliver the same high-quality zero-latency video experience, while reducing the spatial restrictions for our users,” says Uri Kanonich, VP Marketing of Amimon. “We’re thrilled to offer a new way to apply our HD video solutions to drone and camera professionals.”