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JARUS Publication: SORA is now available online


JARUS is pleased to announce to the RPAS Community that the deliverable “JAR doc 06 on
Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA)” is now available on the JARUS Website at

This document recommends a risk assessment methodology to establish a sufficient level of confidence that a specific operation can be conducted safely. Next to the document there are two Annexes;

Annex A – Guidelines on collecting and presenting system and operation information for a specific UAS operation and, Annex I – Glossary of Terms.

IMPORTANT: This is a living document, therefore this first issue of the SORA is meant to inspire operators and approving authorities and to highlight the benefits of a harmonized risk assessment methodology. As the work on the SORA evolves, feedback from operators and authorities that use the SORA is highly beneficial. Working Group 6 is therefore making a call to everyone that will use the methodology to provide this feedback. For this reason, a specific “feedback form” has been created at

This is another significant accomplishment by JARUS, with the contributions of our member
countries and the experts of Working Group 6 (Safety and Risk Management).

Feel free to forward this message to anyone interested about JARUS deliverables.

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