Will American Federal Agencies ban foreign drones?

SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) is going through the roof this weekend. Well in truth for all of the last week.

Patrick and I have received news from several sources that some Part 107 operators are being asked to not turn up for work unless they have American-made equipment for Government gigs.

Government Agencies, it is alleged, have security concerns. They are worried about just what data might be being shared unwittingly.

Moving forward, critical infrastructure inspections will only be permitted by approved airframes, C2 links and GCS.

So, put another way, a foreign drone ban.

There was so much noise last week that I decided a Hangout was in order.

I am still not certain that we are not being played. But I think the industry deserves a heads up. Too many people have said, “Hey, have you heard?”

What are the implications for companies not inspecting Government bits and pieces? Do they have a similar level of responsibility to ensure the security of sensitive data?

This will, I am certain, garner many #FakeNews cries, but only time will tell.

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