UAVS to Close – ARPAS-UK to Support its Members

Gary Clayton, Chairman of UAVS, has decided to step down from his role after a long and productive term in office, and has taken the decision that UAVS will cease to operate after he leaves office. ARPAS-UK recognises the pioneering work and value which UAVS has brought to the UAV industry over the last 20 years, particularly its critical role in regulatory development and wishes to support UAVS members going forward.

ARPAS-UK originally spun out from UAVS in 2014, with both organisations recognising they had distinct roles supporting the industry. ARPAS-UK has primarily supported commercial operations, while UAVS has focussed on the wider regulatory community. With the rapid growth and change in the industry, the respective roles of ARPAS-UK and UAVS have become closer, and after much discussion and deliberation, UAVS has taken the decision to cease operations after the current Chairman leaves office.

ARPAS-UK will continue to support the UAV industry, following its legacy from UAVS as its parent organisation and will offer free membership to all current members of UAVS until 31st December 2017. Going forward, and after discussion with

Going forward, and after discussion with UAVS, ARPAS-UK will expand its activities in the regulatory arena to ensure that a UK voice is maintained. Perran Bonner, Chairman of ARPAS, says: “I would like to thank UAVS Chairman, Gary Clayton, for all his work in the industry over the years. I am delighted that Gary will continue to provide his expertise to support the industry as a member of ARPAS-UK.”

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