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Paul Rigby CEO Consortiq UK drone registration scheme

We hope the registration system is managed appropriately to ensure there is enforcement of the regulations for those who continue to fly recklessly, negligently and contrary to the very simple guidance that the CAA promote.

We hope both the model flyer community and over 4000 responsible commercial drone operators don’t become needlessly burdened by more red-tape if the small minority of rogue consumer pilots are still not held accountable for their actions due to a lack of resources.

Given the proliferation of 3D printing, custom software and drone-hacking it will be interesting to see how those intent on circumnavigating the rules will be forced to comply.

In general, this is a step in the right direction as all air users, whether they are recreational or commercial, need to demonstrate competence and be held accountable for their actions. Other recreational air users such as hang-gliders, skydivers, general aviation and model flying under the BMFA have long had schemes to ensure that they can enjoy the sky in a safe and sensible manner.

In doing so, hopefully, it will allow the technology to proliferate collecting and creating actionable data for organisations who are looking towards business transformation.

Many of our clients have successfully integrated drones into their businesses safely with the help of our expert consultancy, CAA approved training and our safety management system and we look forward to enabling and unlocking routine BVLOS operations, flights above 400ft and utilising unmanned platforms greater than 25kgs/55lbs.”

In addition, our CQNet safety system allows authorised organisations to see in real-time where pilots have filed flight submissions and supported by the pilot application notifies in real time of UAS operations. The system can be tailored to suit CAA / NAA / FAA requirements to even allow the authorisation of flights and management of pilot registrations. We can also provide the ability to approve or deny flights in sensitive or congested areas in real time.

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