Eli Drone Nest

Eli Drone Nest

The Eli Drone Nest has been developed to provide a new dimension of autonomy to the already operational ELIX-XL multirotor platform. An installed drone nest provides an operational radius of 5km, and a network of drone nests can deliver visual information from a vast area of land.

Overlapping operational radiuses mean that the command centre can have eyes on a target at all times, both day and night.

The drone nest excels as a force multiplier in hard terrain where the capabilities and response times of manned patrols are at their limit. The drone nests are linked to a central command and control centre where they can be integrated with other forward-looking sensors and early warning systems.

The drone nest provides a safe temperature controlled environment for the ELIX-XL in even the harshest weather conditions. After returning from a mission, the drone automatically lands on the nest and is then moved into place for an automated battery change. This means the drone can be operational again within a few minutes after landing. The ELIX-XL multirotor features a flight time of 45 minutes providing an operational radius of 5km. The platform also includes both EO and IR cameras with moving object recognition and tracking

Eli Airborne Solutions Ltd is a privately owned company based in Tallinn Estonia.