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DJI Node to aid Canadian drone operators


DJI’s recently created NODE, Network of Drone Enthusiasts is calling for drone operators North of the US border to join. This in response to last week’s change in regulations in Canada. The new regulations make it very difficult to fly in built up areas. NODE was created to give a centralised voice to speak to power.

Good luck to NODE, let us hope they get heard.

The last few years have been especially exciting for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly known as drones. Today, drones are generating new opportunities around the world for business, government, nonprofit, educational and recreational use. Drones also assist first responders, make hazardous jobs safer, let people take stunning photos and inspire our children to get involved with science and technology.

However, regulators in Canada have recently imposed recreational flight restrictions that threaten the future of this growing industry. Some of the rules include prohibiting drone flights:

Closer than 75 meters from buildings, structures, vehicles, animals and people
Within 9 kilometers of any type of airport, without any provision for airport permission
At night

These rules could prohibit drones from being used for education, art, and film making, even in your own backyard, and even when you are flying safely.

This is why it’s important that your elected officials hear how drones are safe, fun and educational. And responsible drone pilots like you are the best people to deliver that message.

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