The Airvada Diodon inflatable drone

Stop sniggering at the back. French company Airvada have bought to market folding inflatable multirotors. CO2 cartridges are used to inflate them and that process is said to take just 30 seconds. An impressive 60-second pack away time as well.

Being inflatable the drones are totally waterproof!

The range is called DIODON and comes in three sizes the HP150, the MP40 and the SP20


200 g

  • Payload example: camera with HD video downlink system
  • Folded : 200x200x100 mm
  • Unfolded : 700x700x100 mm
  • Endurance: up to 20min


400 g

  • Payload example: compact camera with gimbal and HD video downlink system
  • Folded : 300x300x150 mm
  • Unfolded : 1200x1200x150 mm
  • Endurance: up to 30min


1 500 g

  • Payload example : DSLR / thermal camera with gimbal
  • Folded : 400x400x200 mm
  • Unfolded : 1500x1500x200 mm
  • Endurance: up to 35min

Genius or madness, one for you to decide dear reader.