Web UI Engineer at Hivemapper

We are looking for an experienced Web UI Engineer to join our team of 8 engineers at Hivemapper. We have a growing web application, a large part of which is our 3D map viewer, called Flight View.

Beyond fluency in Javascript, CSS, and HTML, experience working on large web applications (as opposed to web pages) is crucial. The ideal candidate would also be comfortable with a modern ES6 & React codebase, and with 3D graphics.

Hivemapper is working on a number of large technical problems, and they are not limited to our data pipelines. Our 3D maps push the limits on what can be done in a web browser. If working on these technical challenges excites you, apply now!


• 2+ years of experience as a frontend or full-stack engineer.
• 3D graphics experience, ideally in the web browser.
• Deep understanding of modern Javascript.
• Comfort with CSS.
• Familiarity with backend web application fundamentals.
• Strong product sense

Nice To Have

• Experience with React.
• Experience with Flux or Redux.
• Experience with Express.
• Prior startup experience.