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QuestUAV – Drone Girls versus Drone Boys

drone girls

Enter the Drone Girls. A new breed and welcome force in the rapidly changing fashions of the Drone industry.

The face of the Drone industry is changing.  Girl power is taking an increasingly important role in the Drone industry.  And not before time.

It has long been proven that women have skill sets in engineering, training and project management that more than compliment their male counterparts.

QuestUAVs Girls

As a male driven hobby, given the focussed engineering that goes into the build of a drone or UAV, it’s not surprising that men were historically at the forefront of the game. But as the Drone Industry has flourished it’s not surprising that girls have decided it is their frontier too.

At QuestUAV they have a team of 20 people, almost a third of whom are women. Two of their staff are truly “Drone Girls” and fulfil roles on the flight team itself.

Kerstin Traut

Is the Geoinformatics and Remote SensingSpecialist and UAV Operator. She is often complimented on the fact that a mission runs smoother when she is on the team, it is better organised and more productive. And more fun! She has carried out missions in Germany, UK, Philippines, Thailand, Cyprus and Indonesia.

Kirsten Taut
Kerstin Traut

Carla Taylor

Who comes from our Sales Team has recently carried out her Flight Commander training and joined the flight team on a recent demo in the USA.  She found that being a woman on the flight team created positive dynamics, particularly in the States.  Of course, an English Accent helped.


Kerstin Traut and Stu King from QuestUAV


Jo Harris and Heather Ainsworth are on QuestUAV’s Marketing Team and keep up to date on daily drone news.  Jo comes from a Multirotor background and has a thirst for drone technology and enjoys reading up on new developments, which she applies to the formation and editing of QuestUAV’s news articles. Heather has spent quite a bit of time with both their social media followers externally and their research, development and production teams internally – as a result she is one of QuestUAVs more fluent members of staff when it comes to drone technical specifications.

Heather, Carla and Jo from QuestUAV

Girls are Already Flying QuestUAV Drones

Already the QuestUAV product including the DataHawk and Q200 Surveyor Pro is being flown by several female clients who have attended training at our UK based flight school. A fixed wing drone package is a leading solution in the Mining, Surveying and Agricultural sectors.

Dole Philippines, Princess and Melea

For those who look to benefit from the survey outputs without the expense of managing their own flight teams, QuestUAV offer Industrial Services as well as sales of the product.


email [email protected]

+44 1665 479042

Jo Harris, QuestUAV

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