Gizmowl Modular Open Source Drone UAV Brand Seeks Support From Makers and 3d Printing Community

A new modular open source drone, UAV and AI brand, Gizmowl, based on the white owl theme is seeking support from makers and 3d printers.

In drones and artificial intelligence technology development, a new and potentially popular brand has arrived on scene.

It’s called the BSM Gizmowl and it hopes to carve out a Khan like empire in the technology world.

“The Gizmowl brand is the result of centuries in software development, inventions branding at its highest level, animation and alternative finance” says Jesse Gilbert, founder of the company.

Gizmowl aims to be basically the ultimate future brand of drones for the non-quad-copter models.

It taps into the owl theme and folklore from a variety of cultures and epochs, creating and axiomatic brand that can hopefully accommodate a diverse variety of contributors.

“We bring Fortune 500 branding to the party. There may be no better name than the Gizmowl…The branding is something we do better than anyone else. Although our knowledge of the specific technology we will use is admittedly limited at this time, concept is king and what is better than the Genghis Khan white owl drone? The brand is designed to be a strong seller in the entire Middle Eastregion of the once Mongol empire.”

The company vision is to create an umbrella brand that provides opportunity to a number of individuals in the 3D makers and 3D printing community.

Gizmowl aims for top level functionality and would like to have designs and concepts that are modular and at least partially open source.

“The vision is rapid prototyping of the best owl drone with the most competitive features, even for military and aerospace. In addition, models for the civilian / consumer market will include a pet home white owl that can fetch stuff for the owner at pick-up windows at participating stores…or even from a neighbor’s house.”

The future of artificial intelligence and drones is uncharted territory that has some trepid, and perhaps rightfully so.

The Gizmowl brand and theme aims to open up the design and concept a bit and integrate feedback from participants every step of the way with the goal to eventually produce the top of the line artificial intelligence owl drone, that talks.

As of now the company is looking for support and collaborators who like the idea, particularly in the makers and 3d printing community.

“If we can provide means to create a cottage industry through localized 3d printing and distribution centers, then we will have the competitive advantage for speed and mobility needed to outmarket other brands and carve out a nice empire for all involved.”

One of the goals is actually to get a piece of the defense budget and portion some of it out to the makers community, possibly in the Bay Area or in regions of the U.S. that are amenable to building technology that can be used for defense.

“This is not a completely politically correct product but at the same time it is not fascist. There are real defense needs to be met as well as concerns for public oversight of drone programs. If our company can provide solutions in a way that is more effective dollar for dollar, then it is a good business that benefits the entire country. Our brand stands for something. If we put together the most desirable drone outside of military funded projects, then we have some real clout.”

The future of the maker community and 3D printing is exciting but also has it’s dark aspects.

Brainstorm Magic aims to be a visionary leader in this realm and provide solutions that people can live with…That maybe even make life better.

“Really anything is on the table. Best case scenario the military models are not needed for warfare and the company evolves into an aerospace and transport company, with modular designs for commercial and consumer flight vehicles. I believe in the 3d maker community and that it is the best possible solution to the economic woes of the United States in terms of manufacturing. This is partially because distribution centers of parts can be localized, the parts can be extremely light weight, and vehicles can be assembled on the spot.

Also, as nuclear battery technology advances, a lot of the work will be in the noble art of marketing, turning the dreaded word of nuclear into something that is associated with cost efficient energy, even leisurely pursuits in the aviation sector.”

Jesse invites makers and 3d printing enthusiasts to weigh in on the concept at