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UAVenture and Flyingwings Release RTF VTOL- Falcon Vertigo

Falcon Vertigo

UAVenture has partnered with Flyingwings to develop the Falcon Vertigo, the first in a range of ready-to-fly hybrid vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones.

When ordered together with the AirRails flight control system the Vertigo will be pre-tuned and ready-to-fly providing evaluators with a fast track way of trialling hybrid VTOL technology and seeing how AirRails can bring hybrid VTOL solutions to their own customer base.

The Falcon Vertigo is a 1.3m (52”) flying wing electric VTOL and is capable of carrying a small payload such as a GoPro.

The ready-to-fly version comes complete with quality electronics components pre-installed, including the autopilot hardware. When ordered together with AirRails it will be pre-flashed and tested.

AirRails is an advanced multirotor and hybrid VTOL capable flight control system that excels in its ability to provide an extremely intuitive operator user interface making the operation of a complex technology as simple as a few taps on the tablet’s screen.

Features such as 3D mission creation and tracking plus the sharing and distribution of missions to teams of operators make it an ideal team-based professional solution.

The advanced flight control system takes care of performing fully automated take-offs and landings, regardless of wind direction, and completes your missions not only accurately but safely with a range of built in failsafe systems.


UAVenture  is a Swiss based company that develops leading edge flight control software for the next generation of UAVs. They support a range of drone aircraft, used for mapping, land surveys, filming, surveillance and drone delivery.

Flyingwings > is the leading UK manufacturer of EPP wings and hybrid VTOLs offering both hobby products and autonomous drones for commercial mapping applications.

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