FLOPS Not IOPS Needed For AI and Drone Data Analytics

FLOPS Not IOPS Needed For AI and Drone Data Analytics

In the rapidly advancing drone data analytics sector and the coming on strong world of Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Compute (HPC) is now measured by Floating Point Operations per Second (FLOPS). No longer is the metric for HPC based on user session responsiveness, transactions per second and Input/Output operations Per Second (IOPS).

The unprecedented data gathering capabilities of drones has altered the information big data landscape.  The wide acceptance of aerial photogrammetry is creating massive pixel datasets which require in-depth numerical based analytics and often require anomaly pattern recognition to monetize.  Compounding the drone big data surge to the next level is AI.  Reactive machines, autonomous machines, self-aware machines, and self-learning machines all require massive compute intensive server infrastructure.

Now it’s all about accelerated computing platforms delivering Giga and Tera (1,000,000,000,000) FLOPS pioneered by industry leader Nvidia with their visual computing Graphics Processing Units (GPU) and their raw computing Accelerator products.

The drone and AI future is here now and this immensely powerful highly dependent GPU compute processing technology is rapidly redefining the world’s data processing requirements as we know them today.  To keep up, organizations will have no choice but to expand their infrastructure to support this new CPU/GPU architecture with its new performance metric-FLOPS.

DroneData® is the only hosting provider of GPU accelerated servers that support the entire commercial product line of Nvidia GPUs and Accelerators.  From under 200 visual computing cores to over 20,000 computing cores per server, DroneData Intel i7 server offerings deliver more FLOPS than any other hosting server provider including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM/Softlayer.

DroneData GPU accelerated servers easily power visual compute apps common to drone data analytics as well as raw computing applications typical for self-learning and AI. From small to mega acceleration of 50,000 GFLOPS per server, all DroneData server offerings are available with only one month advance rental payment and have no term commitments.

Learn how DroneData can serve as the turnkey outsourced accelerated super computer center by visiting dronedata.com.

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