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EuroUSC disappear from radar drone trainer falters


Word is reaching sUAS News towers that Andre Clot’s training empire is in trouble.

EuroUSC was formed before National Qualified Entities (NQE) existed. They were recognised as an airworthiness organisation providing assessments of UAS pilot competence.

Richard Taylor of the CAA speaking to sUAS News said,  “On 23 December 2016 we withdrew that recognition and as such we no longer accept recommendations from EuroUSC. We understand that Andre Clot has stepped down as the accountable manager of the organisation.”

One would assume regulators in other countries that have endorsed EuroUSC will now take a close look at their systems and procedures. Will students that have taken recent courses still be signed off by the CAA?

The EuroUSC website has been down for several days.

A sorry tale, it will all come out in the wash as they say. The UK commercial drone marketplace was relieved when new NQE’s came onto the scene several years ago.

EuroUSC were one of the first trainers to market in the UK. The market has changed, and perhaps EuroUSC may not have been agile enough in a competitive marketplace.

 Marta Poiel writing on the EUROUSC Facebook page eleven hours ago has this to say
BEWARE EuroUSC ! They cancelled my husband’s course 24hrs before it was meant to begin. So he asked for refund on the 9th Jan. Their website has been down since before Xmas, their phone line is down too. They are not replying to his emails. He managed to localise their office in a business centre where they hire a desk space and called it. Eleanor Leung, their
representative was very surprised to have him on the phone. When he asked for full refund she said it would be done within 10-15 days… insane! I do not recommend this examination centre as its customer service is very poor and and they do not seem professional at all. It simply is a scam! We will contact a BBC programme- You&Yours-BBC 4 Radio’s consumer affairs programme- to report them as it is a joke to wait so long of the refund. DO NOT sign up with them. It seems to be a scam.


Plainly folks out there are not happy.

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