Is the GoPro Karma drone fixed?

GoPro Karma

A strong rumour is beginning to circulate from several sources, including a large camera and tech vendor, that GoPro’s Karma drone is fixed.

I must admit that it would be a surprise to me. It would point to a software issue, one that has been solved by folks outside of the original project.

What we do know for certain now is that the autopilot used was a Pixhawk derivative. The numbers were obscured from the main processors, but other chip features allowed them to be identified. Apparently it was running the DroneCode / PX4 flight stack. That’s the same code as used in Lily, Air Dog and Hexo.

The, “I dare not mention the name”, camera vendor says that they are just waiting for the green light to resume sales. I assume with just firmware updated versions.

Is it all too late for Karma, though? DJI has managed to get another prosumer machine out the door, the Phantom 4 Professional. The camera on the P4P exceeds the capabilities of the new GoPro and the P4P also has all the detect sense and avoid smarts that Karma lacks.

Yes, Karma is cheaper, but DJI has that covered, albeit with delivery issues, in the Mavic.

Rumour control has it that 100 Mavics per day are making it into end users’ hands. So even at a production rate that is causing pre-order customers headaches, they have outstripped Karma sales. This is giving DJI a healthy lead in this Christmas consumer drone sales figures.

The GoPro Karma may well be fixed, but would it be commercially viable to try again?




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