Hydrogen Fuel Cell Creating A New Era for UAV

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Creating A New Era for UAV

China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF)kicked off in Shenzhen Exhibition Center in 16th Nov. and would last for 6 days until 21th Nov. MMC, the professional industrial drone manufacturer at the booth 2B09 presents its latest R&D achievement.

In recent years, MMC encourages the innovation and the staff make breakthroughs constantly.

MMC launched the groundbreaking hydrogen-powered drone-HyDrone 1550 this year. What distinguishes HyDrone 1550 from other drones is the Hydrogen fuel cell, a special type of cell that provides continuous power for multi-rotors so long as the hydrogen is supplied continually. Now the individual fuel cell module is open for the market. Namely, MMC puts the separate hydrogen fuel cell module up for sale.

MMC’s hydrogen fuel cell called “H1-Fuel Cell” beaks the limitations of the lithium battery for its flight endurance reaches 3 hours. It is designed for a wide range of commercial drones (both for fixed-wing and multi-rotors UAV),such as DJI M600, MMC HyDrone 1550 and MMC A6 Plus, etc.. H1-Fuel Cell,with a lifespan of up to 1000 hours, has a strong adaptability in harsh environments because of its highly reliable structure and robust materials. Characterised by Powerful failsafe protection, low-pressure hydrogen protection and high-pressure hydrogen protection, it is of high security.

The Fuel cell is a promising technology for use as a source of heat and electricity to prolong the drones or automobile. The technological innovation never ends. And MMC will still seek a breakthrough to develop fuel cell of next generation.