Farmobile Launches EFR Dashboard to Help Farmers Validate Hunches and Optimize Profitability

Farmobile, the farm data company, today announced an EFR Dashboard, the first real-time dashboard that helps farmers visualize their field data and derive insights to maximize profitability. The new product is available effective immediately and is being offered as an instant upgrade for existing Farmobile customers.

Every farm has a unique combination of inputs–such as production practices, seed varieties, planting dates, and seeding populations–that produce the best return on investment. Using the new dashboard, farmers can easily compare yield performance, relative to these input and management decisions to correlate cause and effect and to validate which best practices and mix of inputs maximizes outcomes.

“Data is quickly becoming the lifeblood of ag tech,” said Jason Tatge, CEO of Farmobile. “Farmers have to be able to reasonably assess what has happened historically in order to understand yield and planting patterns. With the EFR Dashboard, farmers can take their complete data sets collected by Farmobile, and use them to truth their hunches. We’re helping farmers leverage data to optimize their farm’s profitability.”

The company built the new EFR Dashboard to help farmers finds ways to maximize profitability in three ways: saving on input costs, maximizing yield, and monetizing their data.

The dashboard is powered by an Electronic Field Record, which is a new data standard for agronomic information. EFRs unify disparate farm data collected from connected farming equipment, such as combines or tractors, in a viewable and portable format to help farmers see what’s working on their farms. Over 3,000 EFRs were created by American farmers during the initial launch for the 2016 growing season.

“At the end of the day, farmers live and die on ROI,” said Heath Gerlock, co-founder and Director of Product at Farmobile. “The EFR is a significant milestone within digital agriculture because all of your activity layers are pulled together for a simple, yet complete, field-by-field view of your season. You can use your EFRs to better understand seed variety performance on your ground. I encourage farmers to use their EFRs when having conversations about next year’s seed selections.”

When data is unified within an EFR, farmers can also easily share their field data with trusted partners, including seed dealers or agronomists. They also have the option to make their data available for sale through the Farmobile Data Store. Farmers who elected to license their certified EFR data to vetted third parties were guaranteed at least $2 per acre during the 2016 Minnesota pilot program.

Farmers interested in leveraging Farmobile’s EFR Dashboard can purchase a PUC (passive uplink connection) for a low yearly subscription fee and install it easily on their equipment by plugging it into the diagnostic port. Once installed, the PUC will automatically collect, store and visualize their field data in the dashboard. Farmobile is machine agnostic, so farmers with mixed fleets can capture high-quality, uniform data at scale.

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