ArduPilot Parrot Disco setup parameters

If you fancy turning the recently announced Parrot Disco into a fully autonomous mapping platform the folks from ArduPilot have made it possible. For best results you will need to add a vertical camera and a way to trigger it.

Wizard developer Tridge, has been working with the Disco for some time.

Full instructions can be found at

Oh look shake to wake, just like its more expensive relative the eBee.

Ardupilot software provides support for hundreds of three-dimensional waypoints, automatic take-off and landing as well as sophisticated mission planning and camera controls. It works with a variety of Ground Control Station (GCS) software for programming and mission operations and offers a complete UAV solution.

Ardupilot powered vehicles won the Outback Challenge UAV competition in both 2012 and 2014 as well as the 2014 Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition.

The free software not only flies, it is used in boats, cars and submarines.