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Globe UAV’s ready to run 4G system


Feature rich but relying on 4G it wouldn’t work well in many parts of Africa I know. That said in developed parts of the world a system waiting to inspect infrastructure on command is not a bad idea.

In a recent demonstration in China, Globe UAV successfully flew a platform back home in Germany from the GCS in China.

Simply start! The Globe UAV Systems are ready to run and ready installed. Just unpack, plug and fly. You will receive a complete package including all you need and fully tested before shipping.

We’ll supply a custom Windows 10 computer with all applications ready. Safety, functionality and confidence is the most important thing during a flight – the reason why a computer for just this application will be delivered. No one likes to get a Skype call or a freeze screen when flying – this way we can ensure professional service!


4G LTE UAV Groundstation

4G LTE UAV Groundstation
– GPS Mode (The Drone keeps their vertical and horizontal position)
– Click’n Fly Mode (The Drone flies to the clicked location on the map)
– Waypoint Mode (The Drone flies predefined missions on its own)
– Automatic takeoff and landing (For save lift and touchdown)
– Automatic range limitation (By adjustable virtual fence)
– Automatic return home or landing at low battery (Protects the Drone of Crash)
– Automatic return home (In case of signal loss)
– All commands can be executed with a single click or touch (Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard or Screen)
– The camera can move into any direction (Independent from the flying direction)
– Particularly wide camera zoom (Soft Zoom in excellent quality)
– WiFi Hotspot during the flight (Provide Wifi access for external devices)
– Wireless parameter upload to the drone
– Intercom for communication

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